Transforming Grief to Hope at Brooke's Place

The death of someone you love can be one of the most difficult experiences of your life. When a child experiences the death of someone significant, his or her feelings and thoughts may become confusing and overwhelming. Brooke’s Place provides an environment where children and their families have the opportunity to share their story and begin to heal.

Brooke's Place


Children and teens grieve differently than adults. A 5-year-old boy can only grieve with his 5 years of experience in life. The same is true for a 15-year-old grieving girl. She now has to manage teenage life, while also deeply grieving her loved one. In the long term, unrecognized or unreconciled grief may negatively impact a child as he or she enters adulthood.


At Brooke’s Place, children learn to honor and cherish the loved ones that they carry in their heart. Through peer support groups and therapy services (individual/family counseling), children learn they are not alone. Together, they learn to recognize, express and embrace their thoughts, questions and feelings about grief and loss. We provide caring programs to support grieving children and their families in a safe and confidential atmosphere. Learn more about our Grief Support Group Program,  Therapy Services and our BP-8 Program.

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