Education & Training

“My Grief is in Bursts!”

Understanding and Supporting Children & Adolescents living with grief

Do you want to create an even safer and compassionate space for children & teens living with grief? These workshops teach an understanding of how children or teens grieve differently than adults and in doses, whether quietly or loudly. With over twenty five years of experience as a former high school teacher and on staff at Brooke’s Place, Carol Braden, LMHC works with professionals and individuals, to better understand grieving children and offers invaluable ways to support them. Certain learning objectives will have more of an emphasis depending on the audience members and the population they serve. See workshop information below regarding continuing education credit, registration fees and workshop location.

“Don’t push me to talk; I don’t always have the words.
Don’t pull words out of me; my grief is not about you.
BE WITH ME and you will see my story unfold.
Now, you are helping me.”
~ a child or teen living with grief

Who Should Attend?

Mental health professionals (social workers, LMHC, LMFT), teachers, school counselors and administrators, clergy, funeral directors and personnel, nurses, hospice personnel and other professionals who are interested in learning more to support our grieving children and teens to help them transform their own grief into hope.

5.5 Continuing Education Hours & Indiana Dept. of Education PGPs are available.

2019 Workshop Dates

Friday, May 10

Friday, September 27 

(8:30am – 3:30pm)

Registration will close 1 week prior to each workshop. Contact Brooke’s Place after that point to see if there are any openings.


Do you want this training to come to your organization?

Contact Carol Braden for more information about your needs, our workshop fees/expenses, etc.

Do you have an interest in completing our Support Group Facilitator Training, but are unable to commit to becoming a volunteer facilitator at Brooke’s Place?

The Support Group Facilitator Trainings are held throughout the year at Brooke’s Place and are typically 20+ hours each, over 4 sessions.
Contact Carol Braden for more information regarding the fee and registering to attend. 


“This workshop was the best I have attended on grief~ practical tools and materials provided, inspiring, thought provoking, knowledgeable and passionate presenter, comfortable atmosphere to participate, smooth flow and very organized. I left wanting more.”

Not sure what’s right for you?

Give us a call, and we’ll help you figure it out. Call Brooke's Place at 317.705.9650

"Doing grief work as a family allowed us to more easily share our feelings about our individual grief experiences.  During the sessions at Agape, my children would share feelings that they had not expressed to me before and it was instructive to hear what they had to say to the group about their grief. …One of the highlights of the sessions was when we were allowed to paint the horses and, in doing so, together honor my husband's memory. 

The Agape sessions came at a particularly opportune time for my son as he had really been struggling with his grief.  He misses his dad terribly and had shut down at times because it was too painful for him to think of his dad.  Connecting with and caring for the horses helped him open up." 

- Brooke's Place Parent