Brooke's Place History

In Central Indiana, there is only one place for a young grieving boy or girl to find ongoing comfort and support…a place to tell personal stories and share memories…above all, a place to heal. It’s Brooke's Place. Children, teens, young adults and their families find friends at Brooke's Place who share their pain, friends they can lean on, and friends they can trust with their most personal feelings. It is truly a place where kids help kids!

Brooke’s Place for Grieving Young People was founded on the belief that every young person deserves the opportunity to grieve in a supportive, understanding and nurturing environment. Brooke's Place gives young people and their families a safe place to express and explore their grief by offering diverse peer support programs using professionally trained facilitators and volunteers.

In 1998, licensed family therapist, Pamela J. Wright, recognized that large numbers of grieving children were unsupported. There were too few existing service providers coupled with an overwhelming number of children and families needing grief support services.

Four years earlier, on the cold, wet night of October 31, 1994, American Eagle Flight #4184 crashed in a field in Roselawn, Indiana, killing all those aboard. Among those who died in this tragic accident was Thomas H. Wright, a DowElanco (now known as Dow AgroSciences) executive from Indianapolis. As a family friend of the Wrights, Pam observed first-hand the tragedy’s impact on the Wright’s two children. Brooke, age 13 at the time of her father's death, benefited in the early months of her grief process from existing short-term bereavement services while Brent, a college senior, had no college-age support groups available.

American Eagle Flight Memorial
American Eagle Flight #4184 Memorial

Keenly aware of the need for on-going support for Tom’s children and others like them, Pam prompted the initial discussion and effort to develop a grieving center in Indianapolis. Later, Brooke was asked to lend her name to the organization in tribute to her courageous grief journey.

On April 15, 1999, 41 were in attendance on the very first program night at Brooke’s Place. Since the inception of grief support groups at Brooke’s Place, more than 16,000 children and their families have been supported.

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"Brooke’s Place helped her so much emotionally and for that I thank you.  It was so important for her to see that other teens were going through what she was and that she would be able to get through it and be okay. We both really appreciate the wonderful staff and will always remember those that we met along the way.  Thanks again for everything."

- Brooke's Place Parent